QUINTET.3 Team Player Order Announced!

Team leaders Kazushi Sakuraba, Urijah Faber, Craig Jones, and Geo Martinez gathered at the UFC Performance Institute today to announce their respective team player orders. As unpredictable as QUINTET can be, teams know the nuance of who goes out first and the various storylines that might unfold from there. 1st Match: Team Sakuraba vs. Team Alpha Male, as previously announced will kick off the show with legends Sakuraba versus Faber, both inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame at the same time. 2nd Match: Team Polaris vs. Team 10th Planet have put up Vitor “Shaolin” Ribeiro against PJ Barch on the mat first. How it plays out from there is anyone’s guess! Join us at The Orleans Arena or live on UFC Fight Pass.


Already making huge tsunami waves in 2018, the highly anticipated Grappling Team Survival Match show makes its Las Vegas debut this Friday, October 5th at The Orleans Arena. Also, for QUINTET fighters and fans alike, the team player order is always anticipated and much talked about. Urijah Faber expressed his strong interest to roll with Kazushi Sakuraba first, so for the fans we announced this ahead of schedule to guarantee a legendary match up to open the tournament. So, in the 1st Match, two UFC Hall of Famers on the mat first, are set to bring the fire to QUINTET.3.

In the 2nd Match, Vitor “Shaolin” Ribeiro steps out first for Team Polaris against PJ Barch for Team 10th Planet. The enigmatic Shaolin has faced and beaten some of the best BJJ players in the world over the years, and recently our very own Daisuke Nakamura. Barch is a different animal – very athletic with stamina for days. Should Shaolin win, he then steps to Amir Allam; should PJ Barch win, his next handful is Gregor Gracie. It’s all about the survival, and more importantly as Geo Martinez highlighted in the press conference today, the team spirit, on-the-spot team coaching, the passion and will to avenge a fellow team member’s loss are all part of the beautiful elements that QUINTET fosters.

Oct.5th QUINTET.3 information here.