QUINTET.3 UPDATE: Team Alpha Male Kelly Anundson Out Injured – Replaced by Gordon Ryan

Urijah Faber’s Team Alpha Male lineup for QUINTET.3 has a replacement. Kelly Anundson steps aside with a rib injury and none other than Gordon Ryan steps in. Ryan, an ADCC world champion, a four-time EBI champion, and submission-only grappling extraordinaire, makes the 3rd pair of jiu-jitsu brothers blessing the Las Vegas card on October 5th at Orleans Arena. QUINTET’s Team Survival Grappling World Championship is set to write combat submission history!

Team Alpha Male

Only QUINTET can turn bad news into good. We extend our heartfelt thoughts to Kelly Anundson and wish him a speedy recovery from his rib injury. Still, those who practice BJJ and the grappling arts know that the show must go on, so we look to the positive. Gordon Ryan, a powerful and incredibly decorated submission master replaces Anundson. His accomplishment list reads like no other. The grappling Gods are favoring the strong sibling DNA running its thread through QUINTET and the BJJ world!

Younger brother Nicky in a Special Single Match against Hideo Tokoro; older brother Gordon championing Team Alpha Male. Gordon, with victories over Craig Jones, Alexandre Ribeiro, Keenan Cornelius, and PJ Barch, is showing no sign of slowing down with his consistency in making his opponents tap out. There are those who do the grappling arts, and there are those who eat, sleep, and live them. Gordon Ryan shows us with his actions which of the two he is. What are the chances of him facing Jones or Barch again under the enigmatic QUINTET rules? We’ll find out on October 5th at Orleans Arena in Las Vegas – QUINTET.3 – the Team Grappling World Championship.

Oct.5th QUINTET.3 information here.