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The biggest grappling tournament begins!!
Quintet Prologue #1 [Japanese]
Quintet Prologue #2 [Japanese]
Quintet Prologue #3 [Japanese]

Winner stays on

Survivor match

A team competition of 5 players on each team. The winner will continue to fight against the opposing player in order, until the winner is defeated or drawn. In other words, one strong player could defeat every player on the opposing team.

CG simulation of a survival match

1-Day Tournament

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A combat sport to decide the strongest 5​ ​
Brackets dummy


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· 5 players per team· Total weight 430 kg· No weight classes· Choking or locking technique· No judgments· 1 Match 8 minutes· 1 Match 4 minutes (weight range over 20 kg)· Rash guard required
Kazushi Sakuraba
We want to make matches that are easy to understand
Kazushi Sakuraba
Prohibited technique
Making your opponent tap out of a locking technique
from your own will is the same as submission.
That's why it's more interesting than just fist fighting.
The future of fighting sports is in places without wire mesh and ropes.